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Home Insurance

Home Insurance


Homeowners insurance is one of the most important items in the escrow closing. This is more than just another piece of paper received when you purchase a home. You are purchasing a package providing property and liability protection for assets most important to you. Following are some items found in a homeowner policy…

Dwelling – This is the structure of your home. Most policies today protect the dwelling on a replacement cost basis. Although coverage is broad in most policies, do not forget to ask about optional coverages such as flood and earthquake.

Personal Property – Like the Dwelling, broad coverages are usually offered with the replacement cost endorsement, but there are limitations on items such as: jewelry, watches, furs, guns and silverware. Special policy endorsements are offered by most carriers providing broader protection and higher limits.

Additional Living Expense – Coverage for expenses you may incur over and above normal living expenses as a result of a loss from a covered peril such as fire, for example.

Liability – Coverage provided if you or a your family member accidentally cause bodily injury or property damage to a third party. This coverage extends beyond your home. Examples: accidentally injuring somebody on a golf course, a hunting accident, your pet causing bodily injury or property damage. Note: Most policies come with a basic limit of $100,000. To increase these limits is very inexpensive and strongly recommended!

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